Who Are Helén & Chantelle?

I can tell that you’re a conscientious pet parent because you clicked on this page to learn more about my mum and I before booking your consultation. I must confess … you’re my kind of two-legged creature! Roooo!

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Photography by Tim Meyer, Meyer Photography.
My pet mum Helén was born and raised in Sweden. Mum will probably blush with embarrassment when I tell you this, but when she was a little girl she was terrified of animals. She wouldn’t go within twenty feet of anything on four legs. Then her parents brought home two kittens, Fia and Hampus. At first, she was frightened of the tiny kittens. She actually put on mittens to protect herself from their “ferocious claws.” Roo, roo, roo! Sorry, I can’t help but laugh every time I think about it. Imagine how silly she looked! Fortunately, it didn’t take more than a week for mum to fall madly in love with Fia and Hampus and ditch the silly gloves.

Today, mum can’t get enough of pets. She’ll take as many sloppy doggie kisses and kitty cuddles as she can get! Not only does she have me and my sister Aston at home, but she gets to play with her client’s pets every day. She thinks she’s got the best job on earth—the privilege of capturing the true essence of your pet’s personality through her camera’s lens. She takes great pride in making the pet photography session fun for both you and your pet.

Mum lives in Orange County, California with her husband (and my pet papa) Ben, my Greyhound sister Aston and me. We enjoy spending lots of time outdoors. The four of us regularly go for walks on the beach or in parks. It’s there that mum likes to take pictures of flowers for fun. Aston and I get a kick out of photobombing her recreational pictures. Roo, roo, roo!

Because family and friends are important, mum likes to travel to Sweden regularly. While there, she caters to her European clientele and their pets. If you’re a fellow Swede, check out her blog to find out when she’s headed your way!

What about me? Oh, I’m flattered you asked. The very first blog post I wrote was about my background, how I met my pet parents and moved into my forever home. So if you want to get to know a bit about me, you can read it here.

Enough about my mum and I, now we would love to hear from you! How did you and your pet meet and what do you love most about your furry family member? Please leave a comment on the blog.

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