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Chantelle's Welcome

Roo, roo, roo! That’s doganese for “welcome to the wonderful world of professional pet photography.” I’m Chantelle, the official greeter here at Voff & Mjau. I know it may seem unusual to be reading commentary by a Greyhound, but who better to help you explore the many facets of pet photography than a pro like me?

Life took an exciting turn for me when I retired from racing and my “mum” Helén adopted me. I discovered an exciting new world filled with daily walks, squeaky toys, a fluffy bed to call my own, my adopted Greyhound sister, Aston, and loads of unconditional love. Best of all, I discovered all about mum’s career as a professional pet photographer.

I don’t mean to brag … ok, well maybe just a little … but my mum Helén has a unique style of photography. My canine instinct suspects it has something to do with mum growing up in Sweden, where artistic expression tends to look a bit different than here in the United States. But what really makes my ears perk up is when I hear humans talk about mum’s flair for taking pictures that capture the heart and soul of pets.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here at the website and when you are ready for a chat, call us at (949) 439-6166. We love getting to know other pet lovers!

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